Long Hunter State Park

Landscape, nature

Long Hunter State Park is a state park in Davidson County and Rutherford County, Tennessee, located in the southeastern United States. The park is mostly situated along the eastern shores of Percy Priest Lake, an artificial lake created by an impediment of the Stones River.
Long Hunter State Park comprises three lake sections — Baker’s Grove in the north, Couchville at the center, and Bryant Grove to the south. All three sections are connected by narrow strips of land (Wikipedia).

We decided to walk the trail around Couchville Lake as it was one of the easiest, as well as one of the most scenic. With lots of water and clouds present, I took this opportunity to use my Neutral Density (ND) Filter again. And the results were spectacular.

IMG_2935 edited resized

The water provided a smooth surface that mirrored the beautiful sky and the clouds looked like pink cotton candy. This pier is a launching pad for kayakers or boaters into Couchville Lake. When we were there, there were a bunch of kids going boating. Thankfully, they were all moving around so they weren’t captured in the photo.

IMG_2994 edited

Along the way, there were numerous little observation piers that made for a nice scene. The silhouette of the trees frame the pier and its background perfectly. The only unfortunate thing is that in order to pose for the picture my sister had to stand in the sun for 30 seconds for every picture.

IMG_2946 edited

IMG_2947 edited

Here is another lookout pier from a different angle. I feel that they make for interesting focal points. This is one of my favorite shots from this set because it almost looks like a scene from a Japanese or Chinese painting. You can almost imagine the pier being a bridge with ornamental lanterns on it and the fallen branches in the bottom left could pass off as bamboo.

IMG_2950 edited

IMG_2980 edited

For me, the main highlight of the hike was the bridge. I especially like how the strong leading lines of the bridge are contrasted with the smooth lines of the clouds and water. The ND Filter also gives the picture a more reddish hue which brings out the wood color of the bridge.

IMG_2987 edited

IMG_2991 edited

After Long Hunter, we visited a marina where I got the shot I was waiting this entire trip for. In addition to this pier, there were lots of waterfowl around such as ducks, geese, herons, and numerous other species that afforded many closeup opportunities.

IMG_3119 edited 2


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