Capturing the Unseen

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One of the things I was looking forward to doing when I came to the US was star trails. Singapore’s high humidity, incessant cloud cover, and the ridiculous amount of light pollution present makes it near impossible to see the stars. Luckily, the place I am staying in after my public speaking conference is not in a densely populated area, and the brightest light source is a lamp post.

Thankfully, the past few nights have been very clear, enabling me to see the stars clearly. I’m not that well versed in the night sky (the only constellation I could identify by myself was the Big Dipper), but with the help of the Sky View app, I managed to pick out constellations such as Scorpio, Libra, and Virgo. Here’s a cool fact for those of you who are astronomy buffs: The point where all the stars “rotate” around is North, and the star that does not move is the North Star.

Star Trails

Now these photos are not what you would expect to see of stars. I’m sure you were expecting little pin-pricks of light, instead of lines of light moving in an arc. Actually, these photos are not just one picture of stars, instead they are multiple photos blended together to show the movement of stars due to earth’s rotation. To create these kind of photos, I had to sit outside with my camera for close to an hour or more, and press my shutter every 30 seconds. The night was cool and the stars were beautiful, but the mosquitoes were simply torturous. Sitting out there, I became a mosquito buffet. Nevertheless, the pictures I got were definitely worth it. For once, I can actually tell people these photos were made with blood and sweat.

Star Trails 1 resizedStar Trails 2 resized


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