Black and White, Landscape, nature

I’ve been here in the USA for about a week and a half already and so here goes my first post.

IMG_2400 edited resized

Where I’m at in Tennessee is near a river and so I got the opportunity to put my Neutral Density (ND) Filter to good use. Basically the ND Filter is a dark filter that I screw on to my lens and cuts out light so I can do long exposure shots during the daytime. Normally this would be impossible, due to the large amounts of light that would flood the camera at a shutter speed of 30 seconds. This results in photos that look like this:

IMG_2446 edited resized

IMG_2457 edited resized

At the time these photos were taken, the sunlight was very strong and the ND Filter made everything more reddish. As a result, some photos had to be converted to black and white to “cover up” the weird colours.

This was my first time experimenting with the ND Filter and I was really impressed by the results. In Singapore, I didn’t find much opportunity to use it, but here with lots of running water and clear blue skies, there is an abundance of occasions to use it. Sometimes though it’s more of an annoyance for the people around me, because instead of “snap-and-go”, it has now become “set-up-camera-and-wait-five-minutes”. But they always have to take back their words after they see how nicely the photos turned out. IMG_2467 edited resizedIMG_2460 edited resized IMG_2472 edited resized


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