Parkview Square and DUO

Architecture, Black and White

People know this building as either “The Gotham City Building” or “the fancy bar place with the wine fairy”. But this building is so much more than just its exterior appearance or the Atlas Bar inside it.


Bruce Wayne Lives In Batman’s Basement | Parkview Square

The building gets it characteristic monolithic look due to its Art Deco influence, despite having been built in 2002. Numerous geometric motifs are generously distributed throughout the building’s interior and exterior. Another feature that adds on to the Art Deco look are the multitude of hard-edged, low-relief designs, such as the man in the bottom left corner of the picture below.


Gold | Parkview Square

My purpose for coming here actually wasn’t to admire the building’s architecture. Instead, I came for the Sharks and Humanity Exhibition that touched down a few months ago. The exhibition ends on 26 June so if you haven’t checked it out yet, there is ample time this week to pay it a visit.

This striking painting of a shark’s eye that greets visitors as they enter the exhibition is extremely photogenic and very “instagrammable” due to the contrast between the red colour of the eye and the dark background.  I liked this painting a lot, due to the three-dimensional look that the artist gave it.


Shadow of the Shark | Parkview Museum

However, the artwork that caught my eye is this one below. The artwork is a bunch of fishing hooks and nets put together, with the shape of a shark subtly created on the different layers with Chinese ink. To me, it shows that the hooks and nets that are used to catch sharks can easily make them an illusion like the figure of the shark in the nets.


Illusion of Permanence | Parkview Museum


No Limits | Parkview Square

Just behind Parkview Square is the uniquely designed DUO Residences. A mix of office and residential space, it’s curved shape and hexagonal facade are a stark contrast to The Gateway’s sharp angles and straight lines just across the road.


Half and Half | DUO Residences

The office lobby, like most office lobbies, is ridiculously reflective, making it perfect for those #reflectiongram shots. The security guards were also quite nice. When I saw them looking at me I thought they were going to chase me out (as is usually the case when you take photos in an office building). Surprisingly they were quite relaxed about it and let me take some quick shots. I left before the guards could change their mind.


Polished | DUO Residences

Best part of the place was the drop off area in the front. If you go there, make sure you check out the drop off area. There are two; the one at the front (this one) is elevated while the one at the back is on ground level. I happened to be there just when the sun was setting, so I managed to get a great shot of the pillars and people’s long shadows. Here’s a tip: Stand in the corner with a wide angle lens. You’ll be able to see the whole place this way.


Overtime | DUO Residences

DUO’s unique facade called for this cliche but absolutely irresistible  shot.


Spawn | DUO Residences

I ended off my informal photowalk with a shot of the roof of the drop off area before heading off to Bugis for dinner. That’s all from my photowalk! If you made it here, let me know what you think in the comments below.


Rubicon | DUO Residences


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