Top 5 Favourite Places to Shoot in Singapore (so far!)

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See where my top 5 favorite places to shoot in Singapore are!

5. Shenton Way (around Far East Square)


The Future is Now | Far East Square

There are so many things to see here! Around Far East Square there are lots of old shophouses that have been converted to restaurants, cafes, offices, etc, giving this place a “East meets West” crossover look.

The many skyscrapers around here also help enhance this look. And then when you’re hungry after all that walking and exploring, there is such a wide variety of eating places that will definitely fill you up. Something special to look out for are the old style spiral staircases at the side of the shophouses. They can serve as great photoshoot backgrounds or vantage points to get shots like the one below. Only thing to take note of is that the stairs are very narrow and high while the handrails are very low (just about waist level), so be careful when climbing up with camera gear!


East Meets West | Far East Square

4. Singapore University of Technology and Design


Gateway |  Singapore University of Technology and Design

This is the school of technology and DESIGN and the campus’ architecture certainly is very well designed! One of the highlights of this place is the two main blocks that have four large airwells in the middle. There are lots of straight lines and angles that make for amazing symmetry shots. In addition, the red and green highlights on the buildings really liven up the whole place and make the building facade an interesting centrepiece. SUTD is a great place for minimalist shots due to the large open spaces and the simple colour scheme. For a unique vantage point, go to the top of the dorms to get an aerial view of the entire campus. Make sure that you don’t go up the student dorms because those are gated. Unlike the student dorms, the teacher’s residence is not gated so head for that one.


Same Experience, Different Perspectives |  Singapore University of Technology and Design


SUTD Panorama | Singapore University of Technology and Design



White Arches | CHIJMES

Cathedrals that are open to the public are rare in Singapore. As a result, photos taken in CHIJMES can easily be mistaken for photos of European cathedrals. Although CHIJMES may not be as tall and imposing as its overseas counterparts, it is very well maintained an is a beautiful sight to behold. The strong horizontal lines in the building are well balanced by the numerous arches distributed throughout the place. This is another great place to take portraits, especially on a bright sunny day. Some great ideas are to make use of the arched windows to frame your subject or to take closeup shots with the clean white walls as a background.


Castle on the Hill | CHIJMES 

2. Coney Island


Camo | Coney Island

I came here in April with two very good friends of mine just to take a look at the place. What we found was out of this world. The tall trees and thick undergrowth make this a better place for photoshoots than even the famous Lallang Fields in Punggol or Tuas. If you’re lucky, you may chance upon a tree that has fallen or a particularly low branch that will afford you many creative photo opportunities. Some more unique places are the ones where there is very little tree cover like the one below. In terms of biodiversity we didn’t spot a lot, but we did spend 30 minutes chasing a few butterflies around and trying to get a good shot in the low light. The butterfly chasing led us to a relatively open space with piles of grass. The biggest pile had a space just big enough for a person to stand, leading to the photo below.


Resident of imagiNATION | Coney Island


Butterfly | Coney Island

1. ION Orchard


Pillar of Strength | ION Orchard

ION Orchard is one of the newer malls in Singapore, as such the architecture there is more modern. There are large open areas as well as the thick pillars that you see above that make for a strong focal point. Also there are numerous airwells scattered around which enabled me to take such shots from the top. But the best part is definitely ION Sky. 55 storeys above Singapore, it towers (pardon the pun) over all the buildings surrounding it. From up there, you can get a panoramic view of Orchard Road all the way to the Civic District, Marina Bay, Sentosa, East Coast Park, and on a clear day, all the way up to Bukit Timah Hill.  The photos you take from this vantage point will even make your drone-owning friends drool! For me, the only thing I was disappointed with was its opening hours. ION Sky is only open from 3pm to 6pm, if I remember correctly. If only it was open till later, this would be a photography hotspot for long exposure shots of the city and especially Orchard Road.


Red Rising | ION Orchard (in frame: Tang Plaza)

So there you have it, my top 5 favorite locations to shoot at so far! If you have visited these places before or would like to recommend new places that I can check out, do share it in the comments below!


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