Orchard Road Ramble

Architecture, Street

After my final exams I happened to be in the Orchard Area, and so I thought to myself “Why don’t I take a walk around Orchard Road and see what nice places there are?” I started off at ION Orchard, which was the closest place to my exam centre….


Couple Shopping | ION Orchard

It was raining very heavily in the morning and so I was restricted in terms of where I could go. I could only go to the places that could be accessed by the Orchard MRT underpass. Wisma Atria, Wheelock Place, Shaw House, Ngee Ann City, and Marriott Tang Plaza were pretty much the only places I could go to…


Portal | Marriott Tang Plaza

The rain wasn’t all that bad though. After it lightened and eventually stopped, the rainwater collected in large puddles on the pavement, leading to the all-to-familiar puddle reflection shots…


Friday Shopping | Orchard Road

Recently there was also all the hype about the first Apple Store opening in Singapore. I didn’t really plan to go there, I just kinda stumbled upon it as I was walking. What made the biggest impression on me was the minimalistic design of the hoarding. Even though it was technically supposed to prevent people from seeing what was inside, it served a double purpose as an advertisement for Apple as well as giving Orchard Road a nice splash of colour. I spent about 15 minutes here trying to have an isolated subject in the middle…


Apple ❤ The Little Red Dot | Apple Store

Eventually I walked most of Orchard Road and then ventured further afield. I headed towards to Singapore River and discovered a few quaint bridges on the way to Clarke Quay such as the lesser-known but nevertheless equally photogenic Ord Bridge. Read more about the bridge here: Bridges of Singapore River…..


Back to the Future | Ord Bridge

Despite having passed it a few times, I’ve never actually visited Clarke Quay, much less with my camera in hand. The large overhead shelters diffused the bright sunlight a little and made the place a relatively cooler respite from the sun. In addition, some of the buildings were brightly coloured! The only thing that I was wondering about was the shape of the air vents…


Shelter | Clarke Quay

It was almost time for me to return to Orchard Road as I was meeting a friend there in the late afternoon. So I set off along the opposite side of the Singapore River. On the way back, I passed by the seemingly dilapidated by surprisingly well maintained Riverside Point. Again, the puddles were in my favour…


Spot the Couple | Riverside Point

At this point, you’re probably wondering how I was getting around. It may or may not surprise you that I was walking. Yes, I walked all the way from Orchard Road to Clarke Quay. “WHY DID YOU TORTURE YOURSELF BY WALKING IN THE HOT SUN??? WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST TAKE THE MRT AROUND???” I was asked by some people. The reason was that my MRT card had expired and I didn’t want to spend extra money to buy a ticket. After all, I had to make my way somewhere else in the evening and I wanted to ensure that I had enough money for the trip there. And so that is why I walked. Another advantage of walking (besides saving money and exercising), was that I could stop and take photos anytime I wanted if I saw something interesting….


Reflect Above | Intercontinental Robertson Quay

I finally met my friend back at Orchard Road and we walked down to Orchard Central. Go check out his photos on Instagram @thenicephotoman….


Follow the Yellow Brick Road | Emerald Hill Road

Of course a trip to Orchard Gateway would not be complete without photographing the insanely popular linkbridge that affords that sleek futuristic look. Aided by the shiny marble floor, I managed to get another of those cliché reflection shots….


Starship Dock | Orchard Gateway

We finished off with, what was in my opinion, a grand finale. Eclipsed in popularity by the linkbridge, but equally deserving of attention, were the bright colour-changing lights that ringed the lightwells on every level. What’s more, my wide angle lens coupled with the glass barriers on each level made for amazing reflections. These photos will be appearing on my Instagram feed very soon so stay tuned @johnny_teh.o….


Magnus Visum | Orchard Gateway 


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